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LinuxGNU/Linux Programming

GNU/Linux Training

Syscope™ offers several options in standard GNU/Linux courses. Available from beginner level (basic installation) to advanced level (advanced system administration and configuration) :

  • GNU/Linux Essentials
  • GNU/Linux End User
  • GNU/Linux Intermediate User
  • GNU/Linux Advanced User
  • GNU/Linux System Administration

Syscope™ adapts the courses to the needs of your company, making possible the complete customization for your staff.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Training

Red Hat

Our instructors are certified in Red Hat from it's initial versions up to the current RHEL 5. If desired, you can customize your GNU/Linux training to this distribution. Advanced courses include OS customization and enterprise solutions such as virtualization and the latest Red Hat available technologies.

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Debian Linux Training


Gain the benefits of this distribution, by training your staff in the last available versions of Debian Linux available in the market.

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Programming Tuition

Syscope™ provides an alternative to the standard training courses, with education from the basics (theory and programming bases). All the courses can be dictated purely in theory with pseudo-languages or with a certain technology and language as well (all the available programming courses can be customized as preferred).

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Programming in Java

As many of our applications are developed in Java, the team of senior programmers, here at Syscope™, dictate courses on OOP (Object Oriented Programming). The available range of courses go from Java Basics and J2SE to J2EE, with the possibility of being combined with other courses depending on the needs of your company.

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Web Programming with PHP


Syscope™ teaches the most used high level web programming language available for Internet. We dictate PHP from the most basic level, up to more advanced levels which include other technologies such as JavaScript or AJAX. Advanced courses and trainings are taught with the latest available frameworks available in the market.
Syscope™ chooses CakePhp Framework for developing and training.

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DataBase Training

Syscope™ dictates DataBase courses oriented to different audiences, from scratch (basic course) with a strong theory, to design and implamantation in Standard SQL. Additionally we use the most popular OpenSource technologies available in the market as we also teach courses to migrate proprietary DataBase products to OpenSource ones.

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MySQL training courses


MySQL is the most used DataBase Management System (DBMS), extending the basic functions of the standard SQL with a set of tools that make administration simple and transparent. Syscope™ dictate MySQL courses taking in advantage the enrichment of the SQL by the MySQL and putting a strong accent in the use of the tools providen by this DBMS.

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Be trained in PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced OpenSource DBMS available, with strong differences with the rest of the DBMS such as the possibility to create procedures in almost any programming language, as well as having specific functions that differ from other DBMS. Syscope™ dictate courses for any desired level of approach to this tool. The most advanced levels include external programming languages for the creation of procedures.

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Empower your office with

Syscope™ offers tuition in the most powerful OpenSource office tool available in the market. Get trained in the whole suit or in each of the tools that compose it :

  • Writer
  • Impress
  • Calc
  • Math
  • Draw
  • Base

All the training courses are organized in many levels according to the requirements of each company. Syscope™ also dictate a course on migration, to help migrate from proprietary office products to OpenOffice in an easy and transparent way.

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Yellow Pages

Yell Argentina

Red Hat

One Rockwell

Syscope™ brinda servicios de Internet desde básicos para particulares a servicios avanzados para empresas o resellers. Hosting, housing, mailing, radio y TV, E-Storage y más.

Syscope™ provides a wide variety of services from custom development for every client, server installation, configuration, and maintenance, migrations, and much more. See more information in our Services area, available here.

Our task is to help our clients with their growth and assess them in this process. Therefore, we have a large staff of professionals trained in several knowledge areas. More information in our Consultancy area, available here.